Pilots are responsible for transporting people and cargo through the air in a safe and timely manner. As a licensed commercial pilot, there is a variety of career paths to explore: all the way from bush flying in northern Canada to the major Canadian airlines. Today, the demand for pilots is very strong and is anticipated to grow significantly over the next few decades. Recommended high school courses; English, Math, Physics, Technology Courses, French, Physical Education. 

Flight Attendant

Get ready to see the world! Flight Attendants play a critical role in making a passenger’s experience a memorable one. Flight Attendants are the first to respond in any airborne emergency, safety, and/or first aid situations. Airlines will typically train you once you have been hired by the company. Recommended high school courses; English, French, Spanish, Hospitality, Physical Education, Drama.  

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

As an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), it is your responsibility to ensure all aircraft are safe to fly. Aircraft require intensive care from AMEs. This is another career that is highly in demand and is anticipated to grow over the next 10 years with the projected growth of the industry worldwide. AMEs take pride in their jobs as they have the knowledge to fix aircraft and their parts, all the way from engines, to landing gears and electronic systems. Recommended high school courses; Math, English, Construction Courses, Technology Courses.  

Air Traffic Controller

Everyday is exciting and challenging as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). You are responsible for keeping aircraft safe and moving in the most efficient way. Air Traffic Controllers are the personnel who are in contact with Pilots at all times. They control the flow of traffic in the air and in and out of airports while monitoring the speed, altitude, and position of aircraft. Recommended high school courses: English, Math, Geography, Physics. 

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